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5th solo album oscilla !


Realistic Monk (Duo Carl Stone + Miki Yui) spring tour

march 5 Cafe OTO Matinee London UK

march 7 Padua Auditorium Pollini IT

march 9 O´ Milano IT

march 11 Plattfon Basel CH

march 12 Cave12 Geneve CH

april 7 ftarri Suidobashi Tokyo JP


Miki Yui solo japan tour with Stefan Schneider (Kreidler, to Rococo Rot)

march 25 Soto Kyoto (Miki Yui, Stefan Schneider, Tori Kudo)

march 26 Hopken Osaka (Miki Yui, KOPY, DODDODO, TENTENKO)

march 29 space eauuuu Kobe (Miki Yui, Stefan Schneider, Haco)

march 31 Pepperland Okayama (Miki Yui, Stefan Schneider, THE NOUP)

april 1 emvironment 0g Osaka (Miki Yui, Stefan Schneider, Dadarythm)

april 2 Soup Tokyo (Miki Yui, Stefan Schneider, YPY, Phew)


NTS Radio session (mix cloud)


drawings 2003 - 2016



Taiwan Digiarts September 6, 2013


Radio show (download)

Radio Panik emissions - DIFFUSION